Executor & Estate Administration

Given the increasing complexities often associated with the management and administration of estate assets, it is beneficial to appoint a professional Executor or Estate Administrator, with a financial or fiduciary background, to ensure the smooth transfer of your financial estate and administration of your Will with care, skill and relevant expertise.

Whether you are a Cayman Islands domiciliary or a non-domiciled individual owning Cayman Islands assets, a local professional Executor or Estate Administrator may be preferred when administering the Cayman Islands based real estate, bank accounts or other Cayman situs assets.

Due to our extensive experience in Trustee and Estate services, a wealth of knowledge has been accumulated with respect to administration, contentious matters, asset management and distribution procedures. Our in-house accounting team can also assist with accounting matters connected with the administration of the Will that provides reassurance to the interested parties concerned.


  • Interpretation of the Will
  • Identifying the assets and liabilities in the estate 
  • Liaising with legal advisors in respect of the application to Grand Court for the grant of probate
  • Arrange the payment of any debts and funeral expenses
  • Administer the estate according to the Will/intestate act
  • Distribute estate to the beneficiaries
  • Defend the estate against any claims
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Accounting for assets, liabilities, income and expenses of the estate